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Like a scientist uses an experiment to test a hypothesis, a consultant uses a framework called an issue tree. An issue tree lays out a set of logical conditions that, if proven correct, prove the hypothesis correct. The term “issue tree” comes from the way this framework looks when diagrammed on paper – like a [...]

Case Interview Guide – What is a Case Interview? What you will learn: Learn the basics of a case interview – what it is, how they are different from a regular job interview, who uses them, why they are used, and the types of case interview formats and the difference between them. Topics Covered: What [...]

Case Interview Guide – What do Case Interviewer’s Look For? What you will learn: Learn what skills you need to display in a case interview in order to impress your interviewer. The skills that they are looking for can differ between interview formats,types, and rounds. Topics Covered: Interviewer’s Mindset How to Prep for Candidate-Led and [...]

Case Interview Guidebook – How to Prepare for a Case Interview? What you will learn: In preparing for the case interview, there are a few skills and tools that you can master to help you succeed. These tools are at the core of any successful management consultant’s problem-solving process. Learn what these tools and skills [...]

Case Interview Guide – How Do I Practice for the Case Interview? (Skills and Tips for Successfully Preparing for a Case Interview) What you will learn: Learn skills and tips on how you can successfully practice for your case interview. Topics Covered: Case Interview Preparation and Practice Basics Case Interview Practice Tips Specific Case Interview [...]

Case Interview Guide – How Do I Practice for the Case Interview? (Examples and Resources for Case Interview Practice) What you will learn: Discover the best resources and examples that you can use in your case interview practice. These examples and resources are a must have in order to successfully practice and pass your case [...]

Case Interview Guide – How to Successfully Perform a Case Interview What you will learn: In a case interview your case interview performance determines 80%+ (maybe 90%+) of the interviewer’s decision so your performance is incredibly important to your success. Learn the skills you need and resources to help you improve your performance skills so [...]

What are the Top Consulting Firms? While it sometimes seems that everyone wants to get into the top 3 strategy consulting firms McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Company (Bain), also known as MBB, it’s worth noting that there are several other top consulting firms that can give a career a real boost. While McKinsey, [...]

Management consultant salaries in the United States will vary by position and experience. Starting from the base, fresh graduates (from undergrad institutions) earn an average base pay of $83,500 from top-tier consulting firms. Their performance bonuses range between $12,000-$18,000, with a signing bonus of $5,000. For entry-level hires salaries are about $83,500 on average at [...]

Because McKinsey is considered one of the top strategy consulting firms in the world (if not THE top management consulting firm), it is very important to the firm that its consultants represent the firm well. It is also important to realize that McKinsey charges a premium over its competitors BCG and Bain.  To justify this [...]

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